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iOS7 beta has just been set free to app developers everywhere, and includes a new design ready to cause a 'love it' or 'hate it' debate. The new iOS7 comes with a major redesign with splashes of bright rainbow colours with a flat interface and new icons for the apps. There are lots of new features and improvements in the camera and usability. All this makes Apple better equipped for the battle with Android and BlackBerry 10 OS. As usual, Apple has seemly borrowed good ideas from competition, while keeping in the iZone for originality.

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iOS7 new features: Apple ready to take on Android and BlackBerry 10?

New features added in Apple iOS 7 keep in line with the company's motto of simplicity and minimalism, all designed to make life much easier.

  • Control Center with quick access to the device's major functions
  • Improved multitasking
  • Notification center
  • New photo app, with added rich features
  • Shared photostream
  • An improved camera
  • iTunes radio is bought to iOS
  • Siri can do and understand more, here's hoping

Control Center and improved multitasking

The Control Center gives fast access to certain important functions like switch to Airplane mode, access Wi-Fi, adjust display brightness . Play, pause, and skip songs when listening to your favourite tunes with a swipe on the screen. Switching between apps also gets easier with improved multitasking: the device will gradually "learn" how you like to use your apps and update content even before you start the apps every morning!

Notifications center

In the notifications center you will find all your missed calls, messages, emails, tasks for the day and even see what the weather will be like. Reminds us of the Blackberry hub, a place to see all your missed emails, messages and social feeds.

Improved camera functions

The Apple device camera will shoot video, has a panorama view and allows filters to be applied − Instagram much? ;). Photos can be made in still view or square view.

AirDrop (peer-to-peer sharing)

AirDrop makes it easy to quickly share photos, videos and contacts or anything from an app with a person standing next to you, by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Sharing is encrypted so that the data transfer is secure, and iCloud can now create a shared photo stream that can be available on everyone's iOS device − people can post photos, videos and comments to your stream. One more step from Apple trying to catch up with Android's Beam with NFC technology.

Activation Lock renders stolen iPhones useless

iOS 7 also introduces the activation lock, a security utility that makes a stolen iDevice inoperable if the thief tries to turn off the "Find my iPhone" app. "Find my iPhone" will allow you to locate the device on a map, play a sound, display a message or even wipe data on the device if stolen, all by using another iOS device while logged in with the Apple ID. Similar to the BlackBerry Protect for BlackBerry or the many apps for Android, like Lookout.

iOS in the Car!

iOS in the Car is a feature used only for the iPhone 5, that makes it easy to use your device while driving. The iPhone is integrated to the in-dash system of car and you can use the vehicle controls to play iTunes radio songs, check traffic conditions, get directions on a map and Siri will read you your messages. Let's hope this will be a bigger hit than Apple maps. Drive safe!

iOS 7 gallery: How do you like the new design?

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