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iOS 7 has received a great reception amongst our users, and many are using it already. However it's in beta and not quite ready yet, so some are returning back to the more stable iOS 6 platform. People are downgrading to iOS 6 so they can use their iPhone day to day, without fear of issues like App or iOS restarts at inopportune times.

We hope Apple will iron out these bugs by September, but if you want to downgrade iOS 7 now, there are a few things you need to know and check. Before downgrading iOS 7 we recommend that you create an iTunes backup and check it after. This is because all data gathered while using iOS 7 beta will not be moved back to when installing iOS 6. Your data isn't lost, you can still access it with the iPhone Backup Extractor.

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Downgrade your iPhone from iOS 7: Step-by-step guide

It's easy to upgrade to iOS 7 with a developer account, either on a Mac or on a Windows PC (by extracting the .ipsw file from the DMG iOS 7 download. If you want to go back to iOS 6, you will need the .ipsw file for iOS 6, so pick the right version of iOS for your device:

You can also find non-autorised downloads of iOS, with a simple search on Google. Do be careful doing this, and only download from trusted sources.

Warning! iOS downgrade might lead to lost or unavailable data! Open your backup with iPhone Backup Extractor

Restoring to a lower version iOS might mean you will not be able to get the data you gathered while using iOS 7 on your device. You will not be able to restore an iOS 7 iTunes or iCloud backup to an iOS 6 device. Also, any jailbreak with saved blobs will be lost after downgrade. It's a good idea to backup with iTunes manually, the iTunes backup can be opened and data extracted with iPhone Backup Extractor.

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If you have downloaded the .ipsw file for iOS 6, run iTunes on your PC or Mac computer and connect your device. Once it is recognized, you can restore the iPhone or iPad with iTunes (hold Alt/Shift on a Windows PC, hold Alt/Options and click Restore iPhone).

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The last step is to select the iOS 6 firmware file you downloaded − iTunes will then install the iOS, once completed your device will restart. You can then load any previous backups made on prior to the iOS 7 install. Any data created on iOS 7 only can be extracted using our software if needed.

Open your iOS 7 iTunes backup with the iPhone Backup Extractor

We advise that everyone should create backups and make sure they safely contain your data before updating any iOS. You can use our software to check your iOS 7 or iOS 6 backups, and if you don't have an iOS 6 backup or find they are corrupted: we are here to help. Download the iPhone Backup Extractor and open your iOS 7 iTunes backup! All your contacts, SMS messages, notes, photos and videos should be saved to your computer and can be extracted easily for you to used or add back to your device!

If in doubt just ask our experts: [email protected]

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