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Ready to master the new Apple iOS?

iOS 7 is getting closer to its final iteration, and we know Apple fans are expecting a great performance – iOS 7 is now in beta 6 and we have seen it improve with every version. It is predicted that Apple will have a final test iOS known as the Goldmaster, before public release sometime in early September.

ios 7 iphones gold master

iOS 7 Gold Master will be a ready-to-release version of the operating system, most likely the same build as the version that comes pre-loaded on latest devices. If you already have access to an Apple developers account, you will be able to install iOS7 on your device one week before the official iOS 7 launch. Apple still have not confirmed a date for the official iOS 7 release, rumour has it, this could be as soon as 10th September.

The new iOS brings colourful new icons, a Control Center with quick access to the device's major functions, improved multitasking, notification center, shared photostream, an improved camera and iTunes radio . Apparently, something we might also see in the near future is a new way of gifting Apple apps and music from iTunes using near-field communication (NFC), reports CNET, although we have not seen this in iOS7 fully yet. Currently, users can buy iTunes gift cards that can be used to buy apps and music from the Apple store.

Apple dazzle with gold and champagne

iOS 7 Gold Master might come along with a new device. Rumors have been aflow for a while that Apple wants to delve into the low-priced smartphones market with a device that has a plastic case, rather than the traditional aluminum back. The device, supposedly dubbed iPhone C, should be resistant enough to please the grumpiest of nitpickers, according to iDownloadBlog. However, Apple fans that value high-class and stylish design would be pleased to hear these will not be forfeit, with the company also planning an iPhone in shade of champagne.

Don't like the iOS 7 beta versions? Last chance to downgrade

iOS 7 beta versions have got mixed reviews, with users loving or hating the rainbow-coloured designs. You can always downgrade the iOS 7 beta on the device to something like iOS 6. Don't forget, downgrades will sometimes produce data loss, so keep an iTunes backup at hand and keep your data safe.

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