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Apple will be launching a new product on the 12th of September, and the number 5 etched into the press release shows us it can be nothing less than the new iPhone 5. The rumor mill has been turning since May, offering details on the new smartphone.

iPhone 5 release, well maybe?

All the buzz around the new device shows that the industry has certain expectations:

  • Taller display
  • Better battery
  • More memory capacity

According to the leaked pictures published by iLab , the iPhone 5 would have a taller display (4 inch, according to iMore ), which means Apple will have changed the aspect ratio (16:9, as opposed to 3:2) and physical aspect of the phone for the first time. Also, the taller display would allow Apple to add some pixels, making the resolution a 640x1,136, as opposed to the 640 x 960 currently on the iPhone 4S.

According to MacRumors, developers have taken advantage of the extra space and put in a better (yet thinner) battery: however, this would not mean longer battery life, as the handset will include LTE chips, which consume more power. Currently, the talk time on the iPhone 4S is up to 14 hours in 2G or up to 8 hours in 3G, and we don’t expect any changes for iPhone5 – hoping for the best, though.

There has also been much talk about the CPU that would be used with iPhone 5: following the 2-year cycle for radical changes made with Apple products, we expect an improved version of the A5X.

If we are to believe the leakers, the phone has a metal back, a smaller dock connector and the 3.5 mm headset jack has been relocated along the bottom, the “Home Screen” button being where it usually is. We also know that Apple doubles the maximum available capacity of its smartphones every two years, therefore giving us 64GB of memory this year.

As with every launch, we are expecting Apple not to lose track of the bigger picture and offer performance enhancements with mainly the same clean, functional design that gives its products their appeal.

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