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iTunes 11 offers a new look and feel to the Apple experience and gives fans a colourful, feature filled surprise just in time for Christmas. Given the delayed launch (the initial deadline being in October), it was to be expected that the update sports a radical redesign.

itunes 11

iTunes 11 backups, tested with the iPhone Backup Extractor software

The iPhone Backup Extractor has been fully tested to work with iTunes 11 backups. As usual, we advise users to backup with iTunes regularly to protect their data. If anything happens during the iTunes process to cause data loss or you cannot restore your backups, you can always recover precious information like contacts, sms, notes or media with our iPhone Backup Extractor tool.

This totally new version of iTunes is available as a free update, has loads of improvements and gives the boot to some older features that the users might actually come to miss. Here’s a roundup of the changes you can expect when downloading iTunes 11:

Organize your TV shows, movies, and other video files with iTunes 11

iTunes media library includes TV shows, movies, and other video files, and can also help you organize and sync eBooks (although not read them), aside from the usual apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. AirPlay will also stream media to other iDevices like Mac, Apple TV or AirPort Express base stations. Users can switch between Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Apps, and Tones using a drop-down menu. Music is now shown as album covers, apps as icons, and movies as preview frames and books as series of covers.

Up Next replaces the iTunes DJ

Up Next has replaced iTunes DJ. It lets users queue up music with a simple drag and drop and see what song is next. Tracks can be sorted by name, rating and number of plays. The Up Next feature can be used along with the Mini Player, which allows you to quit the iTunes full screen mode and use functions in a smaller space.

Bye-bye iTunes sidebar!

The old sidebar has been replaced with a navigation bar with means to access connected iOS or iPod devices and a button that takes users to the Apple Store. Those who really feel like they miss the sidebar can just bring it back with a click in the "View" menu.

Colourful design and new look logo

The monochrome icons in the sidebar now have some colour in their cheeks with iTunes 11. The logo for iTunes was also changed, for the first time in two years. Changes to the Apple Store with iTunes 11 have resulted in a design which is unified, whether using the iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC.

Better iCloud integration

iCloud integration takes one step further with iTunes 11 – songs that are purchased with iTunes on the iPhone are shown in user’s libraries, but are not automatically downloaded. Any media you buy is stored in the cloud and can be played on any Apple device you own by streaming through a placeholder. The download itself comes with a separate button.

A faster iTunes, possible?

iTunes 11 boasts with simplicity and improved functions, making its processes, including the sync, (a little) faster than the previous versions. Read our blog with tips and tricks to make it even faster.

iTunes update coming soon

As we know, nothing is perfect, this applies even to Apple products and some bugs have already been reported. The wizards at Cupertino headquarters promised to add a feature that removes duplicate entries to the Libraries, but also introduce some bug fixes, like wireless streaming of multimedia from Mac computers to Apple TV not working and some album artwork amiss in iTunes, as mentioned by IBM Times. Apple fans might want to keep on their toes for iTunes 11.0.1.

What do you think about iTunes 11 and its new feature? Tell us below!

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