Alexandra Malureanu
Published by Alexandra Malureanu,

After Tim Cook's hints at the D10 in California, on some Siri improvements that we might see arriving “over the coming months”, we took a moment and thought at what would we like to see improved on our virtual assistant built into the iPhone 4S. Well, there are certainly much to say but let's start with the most realistic ones.

Siri network connection improvements

If the network connection or Siri's servers are having issues, we don't get voice control for our iPhones. So, what we would really like to see is that if the network connection fails it should automatically default to Voice Control when a command to do something is simply local like playing a certain song from the phone or similar things.

Siri with integrated app functionality

Seeing apps taking advantage of Siri, for both Apple apps and third party apps sounds cool isn't it? This should be easily resolved if Apple will provide an API for Siri, so developers can integrate voice controls for their apps through the Siri assistant. And if we let ourselves into the dreamy world, maybe push with the function of adjusting settings via voice? ## Extended language support for Siri We would certainly like to see a smarter British Siri! We also like the idea to be able to choose a male or female Siri, instead of being fixed to language. What other languages would you like to see added to the Siri fold? ## iPhone 4 compatibility and deeper iOS integration Backwards compatibility with the iPhone 4, is something all the iPhone 4 users are longing for, so yes this would be a very nice to have feature. What would you like to see improved on your virtual Siri assistant? Might we see some of these improvements on the new iOS 6 or future iPhone version? World Wide Developer's Conference we're waiting for you!

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