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Angry Birds Space for iOS

If you're interested in inter-planet, zero-gravity hi-jinx then Angry Birds Space from Rovio is for you. It's still the same Angry Birds format, but now we are in space negotiating the usual plank, rock and debris fodder from one planet to another. This added a gravity aspect well suited to the game play and gives multiple options of attack to grab those points.

Because you are using more of the top and bottom of the screen, I do feel this game is better suited to the iPad than the iPhone and iPod. But if you enjoyed the rest of the Angry Birds series you will find this just as addictive.

Angry Birds Space is available in the App Store for Ł0.69 ($0.99) for iPhone and iPod touch users, and Ł1.99($2.99) for iPad.

iPhone Backup Extractor Software helps you move Angry Birds Space highscores between iDevices

As for all the apps the iPhone Backup Extractor software can easily recover your Angry Birds highscores so you can move your precious data to another iDevice of your choice.

Things aren't complicated and you will find this recovering process as being something extremely easy to handle. You just need to find the Angry Bird’s Space ‘high-score.lua’ and ‘settings.lua’ files. You need to do the followings, when using the iPhone Backup Extractor app.

Angry Birds Space highscores setting files

Click on ‘Expert Mode’, Go to ‘Application’ > ‘com.rovio.AngryBirdsSpace’ > ‘Documents’

After following these simple steps, you can extract the highscore.lua and settings.lua files needed for scores, settings and level information. Both files are important when transferring your highscores and accomplishments between your chosen iDevice. However you will need a jail-broken device to SSH the files or one of the many apps that can transfer files to an iDevice directly.

Want to find out the full Angry Birds Space Story?

Check out the video below to find out how the Angry Birds found themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs!

‘The sky is no longer the limit!’ So, enjoy the Space Experience!

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