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iOS 6 Beta is here so if you would like to test its marvellous new features and you don't know how to do that on your Windows PC, we have a solution for you - use our DMG Extractor software! But, firstly, let's see the compatible iDevices.

What are the iOS 6 Beta compatible iDevices?

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPod Touch 4th generation
  • iPad 2
  • The New iPad

Upgrade your iDevice to iOS 6 Beta

Registered developers can update from Apple’s Dev Center. The Apple's developer program price is $99 per yearly membership. However, for those of you without a dev membership, iOS 6 beta 1 is going to get leaked by developers.:) And here are the steps that you need to follow after you got your hands on the iOS 6 Beta file in order to upgrade your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

iOS 6 Beta Open DMG file

  • IMPORTANT 1: Before you do anything you must make a working backup, and we suggest making a copy of the backup just in case
  • IMPORTANT 2: Make sure you are aware of the risks in loading a beta iOS to your iDevice
  • IMPORTANT 3: We advise you only carry out this procedure if you fully understand what you are doing and are able to roll-back what you have done easily
  • IMPORTANT 4: You need a developer account to register your device UDID so you can upgrade successfully (unless you have a non-UDID specified download).
  • Download the iOS 6 beta DMG file and just extract the content with our DMG Extractor software - it should only take seconds.
  • After extraction make note of your IPSW file that you’ll be needing to upgrade your iPhone, iPod or iPad device
  • Open up iTunes, Click Shift and choose "Restore".
  • Select your iOS 6 IPSW file that you extracted with the DMG Extractor

It's highly important that you create a backup before starting this process, so in case something goes wrong you'll be covered. Don't forget that iOS 6 is still in beta and it will be buggy, but you can always downgrade back.

iPhone Backup Extractor Software works with iOS 6.0 Beta 1 iTunes backups

We have already tested and we're glad to announce you that our iPhone Backup Extractor software works with iOS 6 iTunes backups from all iDevices, so don't you worry just update your iPhone, iPod or iPad and enjoy the new iOS 6 Beta.

Have you already tried out the new iOS 6 features? Is the new Apple Maps app cool or what? What about Siri on iPAD, and is she smarter now with app integration?:)

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