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Smarter Siri, Facebook integration, Shared Photo Streams, Apple Maps and much more interesting news on the First Day of WWDC

We have been waiting for the first day of WWDC in anticipation and although we secretly hoped for a surprise unveiling of the new iPhone (more realistically to be Autumn) we are still happy with the new iOS features Apple has unveiled on the first day of their WWDC Keynote Event.

It seems we were right to believe that Apple will reveal the new iOS 6 this June at the WWDC, and brought up so many new and exciting features in its Beta version. The iOS 6 Beta is available for developers already on the Dev Center and the rest of us will have to wait till this Autumn.

iOS 6 Beta

New iOS 6 Features

  • Facebook integration – We all waited so much, hence this is a marvellous news! You can share your location from Maps, post a photo from Camera or Photos, post links from Safari and much more. Have I forgot to mention that you need to sign in into Facebook only once?:)
  • Smarter and polyglot Siri – More languages are added to Siri language support including Italian, French, German, Spanish, Korean. Plus, Siri is now available for iPad and has new features like searching for movies, launching apps, seeing stats for favourite team player, searching for restaurants by rating. It's good to see also that we've been right with quite a few of these new Siri functionalities.
  • Shared Photo Stream – was somehow limited in the past, but now you can share your photos with the people you want and they can comment and like your photos. Instagram-niche you might think, but woot that's wonderful! And one point for which Dropbox might say “ouch” is that your shared photo streams don't count against your iCloud storage and you can share as much as you want! Ubercool!
  • Facetime – we had Facetime over Wi-Fi, but now we get Facetime over cellular networks as well, so you can make calls from your iPad using your phone number. Wherever you are, Facetime is available for you!
  • Passbook - integrates all your ticket apps in one place. Many might think that this is just Google Wallet in a better interpretation, but we're happy to see this available for us, so thank you Apple! Your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more will be safe in your Passbook!:)
  • Apple Maps – we already knew that Apple wants to put an end to using Google Maps and pick an in-house solution Maps, but seeing this done on the iOS 6 Beta is just amazing. Turn-by-turn GPS, spoken directions, Siri integration, traffic layers, 3D view…wow, this is something, Apple! You definitely taught Google Maps a lesson.
  • And much more new features that you can read about on Apple's website.

Is the new iOS 6 Beta everything you hoped for? What other iOS goodies would you like to see? Do you like what you have seen so far from iOS 6?

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