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Rumour has it that Apple's Genius Bar will get wireless syncing for under-warranty iOS devices to backup customer data. So, problems will be avoided in case something severe happens to your under-warranty iPhone and Apple staff thinks it should be replaced. If you regularly backup your iPhone such cases won't take you by surprise but if you don't this service will be a great idea for you.

Apple Genius Bar

What's the difference between Apple's iCloud and the wireless server hubs?

Well, the wireless server hubs would allow a quick backup and restoration of user's data, this is nothing new that iCloud can't do, right? But the idea of backing up to a server located in the Apple retail store rather than to the iCloud remote server will speed up the restoration process while the customer is in the store and might receive a replacement phone. Of course, all data is confidential and removed from the local server after the Genius Bar representatives will restore the user's backed up data.

When will we see this iOS backup service brought to life?

As all successful projects it takes time to test it and really implement it, so according to 9to5mac this might be by mid-2013 for a pilot system and maybe late that year for the full operating one.

Have you ever lost your data due to a severe malfunction of your iDevice? Do you regularly back up your data and how often do you do that? Are you using iCloud or iTunes to back up your data? What do you think about Apple's wireless server hubs?

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