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What the iPhone buzz is about

Rumours about Apple’s new iPhone 5 are pretty much the most popular buzz in the gadget world at the moment, especially as it approaches its perceived launch date. Although there are also contradictions in ‘blogosphere’, mainly now that a recent photo has been leaked showing that the new addition to the iPhone line will be called iPhone 4S.


Initially, reports mentioned that iPhone 5 was most likely to be released in September 5, 2011 in the US. Ubergizmo also reported that this information was from a senior executive at Swisscom . However, latest rumours suggest that iPhone 5 will be launched some time in October 2011. According to All Things D, “It’s going to be an October surprise”.

CNET news had previously reported that Apple’s iPhone 5 would be out in the market on October 7 and pre-orders would likely take place on September 30. However, a more recent article from CNET news mentions that Apple’s new iPhone 5 would not be out until after a week on October 15, quoting the CEO of France Telecom.

Rumoured iPhone 5 Features

There are a few reasons why people are holding their breath for Apple’s iPhone 5 release. Along with the circulation of a recent video showcasing the concepts of iPhone 5,  iPhone fans have gone loco over Apple’s newest “baby”. Some of the concepts that were emphasized are the following:


Does screen size matter?

The possible screen size of the iPhone 5 has been widely discussed and many of Apple’s competitors, like LG and Samsung all have bigger screens. However Apple still have the highest resolution screen on the market with the iPhone 4. So will Apple stick with quality over quantity or go all out? Our verdict is that they will stick with quality, and with no leaks to suggest otherwise the screen will be at least the same size

Apple A5 1 Ghz Dual-core processor

An impressive upgrade to current iPhone 4 processor. Apple have always brought processor improvements to each new iPhone version so they are unlikely to stop now.

Laser Keyboard

Who wouldn’t want a laser keyboard for their smart phones? I mean come on, this is very helpful especially for people with big fingers (guilty!) who find it challenging to type letters perfectly using the touch screen.

Pico Projector

A projector that comes in handy is very useful especially in the corporate world. Businessmen need projector for their presentations and what not. We all know how costly an actual projector is and a hand-held projector equipped in a smart phone is definitely one of the features iPhone fans are looking forward to.

8-MP Camera with Dual LED Flash

This enables users to take photos even in low-lit areas. If this happens, Apple’s iPhone 5 will be the first ever smart phone that includes such feature.

Ultra-thin Design

Will the new iPhone has it’s powerful new features equipped in an ultimately thin design? An Apple iPhone 5 product launch without the dimensions and weight being a discussion point is unlikely.

iPhone speculation, should we believe it?

Along with the spread of iPhone 5 concepts videos and photos, there are reports that claim (quite rightly) that these features are merely speculations and not facts. Sara Yin of PC Mag suggests that we know nothing about Apple’s new iPhone 5. She also added that nobody from Apple ever spoken nor certified any rumour that is circulating in the Apple world.

“The Apple Effect”

These are just some of the many reasons why people can’t wait for the formal release of Apple’s iPhone 5. Apple never fails to excite the iPhone fans as they keep on adding something to look forward to. One thing’s for sure though, everything will be given clarity when Apple’s “big media event,” as recently reported by Engadget, takes place on October 4. Wherein new Apple CEO Tim Cook is likely to reveal the secrets of iPhone 5 and hopefully not the white iPhone 4S. So whenever the launch date will be, Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone is definitely going to rock the gadget world as it did in June of 2007 in the launch of the first ever iPhone.

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