Andrew Coles
Published by Andrew Coles,

We are happy to announce a new version of our much loved iPhone Backup software is available to download. With a few modifications in terms of its functionality, the new version is definitely ready for Apple iOS 5 backups. Take note that backups created in different iOS versions have differences between them. The iPhone Backup Extractor software can work with any backup created in any iOS format. There are some good new features to play with and explore, so enjoy.

New iPhone Backup Extractor features

  • Updated contacts, SMS and notes for iOS 5 databases
  • Support for iMessages when extracting SMS
  • Auto-detect new date formats which are changeable in iOS 5
  • Extended data parsing for iOS 5 calendars
  • Extended regional language formatting

So if you are using an older version of our iPhone Backup software, switch to the new release for optimum functionality. Downloadable in Windows, Mac and Linux versions, we always recommend you read and understand the required pre-requisites before installing the software.

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