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ios5 battery life needs improving

iOS 5 is a great update, we all know that. However, a lot of people found a few lapses as early as its first day of release. There are news circulating in the internet concerning different issues in iOS 5 and here is a brief report to name a few.

iOS 5 Update Errors

Apple users experienced a lot of errors on the first day that iOS 5 was released. Most of them were encountered while downloading the update. The free software update was obviously popular that Apple servers struggled to accommodate all requests at the same time. One common slip was the error 3200 and a lot of users mentioned that they just needed to try and try until the software update was successfully downloaded. Nick Dillon, Ovum analyst told BBC News, that “There are a range of issues from people who can't get the update to load from content being deleted, applications going missing and in the worse case scenario phones bricking entirely.

Decreased Battery Life on iDevices

The other major talking point seems to be the detorisation in battery life on iPhone and iPads alike after applying the iOS 5 update. Apple has tried to rememdy this with an iOS 5.01 patch, but many Apple customers suggest it has not helped the issue at all. In the meantime Life Hacker posted some nice tips on how to survive a day without your iPhone battery going flat.


How about you, have you flawlessly upgraded to iOS 5? Or having issue with battery life? Please share with us your experience and tips.

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