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Our Backup Extractor now comes in BlackBerry flavour!

Over the last three years Reincubate have helped thousands of people with our iPhone Backup Extractor for Apple iDevices. During this time we have been asked on many occasions if we could help with extracting data from other smart phones. Due to this response we have been working on a rescue tool for recovering missing BlackBerry data. That application is a BlackBerry IPD reader called the Blackberry Backup Extractor and is now available to all for free.

To find more about reading IPD files or download the application, please visit the BlackBerry Backup Extractor website.

BlackBerries are for more than just business

Businesses using BlackBerry’s will link and store data to a mail-server like Microsoft Exchange. But if you link your blackberry to your computer through BB desktop manager, it can create a backup of what is stored on the phone. Access to this data can be tricky as the BB desktop manager was only intended as a backup and restore utility. The BlackBerry Backup Extractor application can open these backups, so you can easily access all the data stored in them.

BlackBerry’s are used by many businesses to aid communication, this also means the Blackberry is a great networking tool. Because of this BlackBerry’s are used by many successful communicators, social networkers and celebrities alike, from President Barack Obama to Paris Hilton. However you wish to use or set-up your BlackBerry, our software can help extract, view, transfer your important BlackBerry data quickly.

How does the BlackBerry Backup Extractor work?

If your BlackBerry has been stolen, lost or broken and you have created an IPD backup file on you computer the BBBE application can retrieve your data. The software can extract data stored in the IPD file easily and automatically, only one click is needed to extract data through its simple and easy to use interface.

Blackberry Backup Extractor - BlackBerry IPD reader screen-shot

The application will extract all sent and received email messages into a “Messages” folder, saved messages will go into a separate “Saved Email Messages” folder. All other BlackBerry content is saved logically in folder called “Content Store”.

The IPD file stores data as listed below, all of which can be extracted:

  • contacts
  • emails
  • saved emails
  • memos
  • call history
  • calendar
  • SMS messages
  • tasks and much more

Download and use the BlackBerry Backup Extractor for free

The software is free to use and can be downloaded from the website. We aren’t offering support for the application yet, but please do feel free to ask questions, offer suggestions or leave us feedback so we can improve the application.

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