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The iOS 4.2 update finally brings the iOS 4 operating system to the iPad!

Finally after weeks of rumours the new Apple iOS 4.2 operating system has finally been released, as reported first in TechCrunch. It means for the first time since its launch, the iPad is now on the same iOS version as all other iDevices.

Updating iOS 4.2 breathes new life to the iPad with these great new features

There is an extensive list of new features included in the iOS 4.2 update. Long suffering iPad owners (poor things) have had wait months to experience the feature rich iOS 4 enjoyed by iPhone & iPod touch users. The wait is now over, was it worth it... oh yes!

  • Multitasking, switching between apps is now effortless
  • Folders, a handy organiser on the iPhone but it will be indispensable on the iPad
  • Global controls, the same as the iPhone just bigger and better!
  • Airprint, rumoured to have been dropped last week but its included. The down side, its only currently available with special printers from HP.
  • Airplay, streaming HD video wirelessly from Apple TV
  • Find my iPhone/iPad tracking, free, yep that's free

For full list of new iOS 4.2 features on the iPad go to the Apple website.

iOS 4.2 is also available on other iDevices

Although it's the iPad's big day (finally getting to iOS 4), the iOS 4.2 update is available on the following compatible iDevices.

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod touch 2nd generation
  • iPod touch 3rd generation
  • iPod touch 4th generation

Backing up your iPad on iTunes, just in case!

Before jump in and install the iOS 4.2 update to get all those nice juicy features, sync & backup on iTunes. If you have any comments on the iSO 4.2 update, especially if you have an iPad, please let us know here or comment on this blog.

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