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Rumoured release dates for iOS 4.2 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but when?

Two rumoured release dates (Tuesday 9th and Friday 12th) for the iOS 4.2 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have come and gone in the last week, but there are still no signs of the elusive update yet? The holdup is thought to surround Wi-Fi related connection problems, which must be worrying to Apple as the release was billed to showcase many new wireless features for Airprint and Airplay. The two pre-release builds known as "Gold Master", have been sent out to developers for testing as late as last Wednesday (build 8C134b). These versions have reportedly stripped down functionality in these areas.

Apple say November 2010

To be fair Apple hasn’t confirmed any specific release date yet, except that the release of iOS 4.2 will be sometime in November 2010. The latest rumour mill date is now November 24th, as reported in the Telegraph last Friday. This date seems far more likely now given previous reports and Apple's responses.

Backup your data on iTunes first!

Whenever the release date does happen, do make sure you run a couple of iTunes back-ups before you install the iOS 4.2 update, just in case this happens. If you have any disasters from previous iSO updates, tips you would like to share with our users or comments on the iSO 4.2 update itself, please let us know here or comment on this blog.

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