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There are a number of uses for the iPhone Backup Extractor. The following are amongst the most popular uses:

  • If you've accidentally deleted one or two files, or find your contacts have been erased during synchronization. Restoring the entire phone through iTunes is a hassle, takes a while, and will cause you to lose the latest version of all of your other data. Our software can get those files back on your desktop.
  • If you lose or break your phone and need to get the data back. iTunes won't let you extract specific files, or restore without a phone to restore to. Our software can recover those files.
  • You may find the upgrade process from iPhone 2.2 to 3.0, or from 3.1.3 to 4.0 can delete all of your data. iTunes will not restore 2.2 data to a 3.0 phone, or 3.1.3 data to a 4.0 phone. Our software can get your data out or help you compare against the data that got moved over.
  • If you upgrade from one type of iPhone or iTouch to another, and need to extract the files from your old phone to move them over. iTunes will not do this, but our software can get those files.
  • If you need to pull out application specific data: voice notes from AppStore voice applications, game hi-scores, etc. iTunes will not do this and there is no other way without jail-breaking the phone. The iPhone Backup Extractor can.

Our users range from students to grandparents, and from casual iPad users to hardcore technology fans. We have a number of AppStore app authors and IT service companies using the software to help their users recover their data.

The data recovered by our software is forensically sound, which has lead to a number of private forensics and recovery agencies using it. We have police and state forensics labs using our software around the world, from US Congress-funded law enforcement training programmes to the UK South Yorkshire Police, the German Polizei Hamburg Forensische and the Danish National High Tech Crime Center.

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