Update your registration key

The registered version of the iPhone Backup Extractor software is tied to a specific machine by means of a unique identifier. If your unique identifier has changed (by upgrading or changing your computer for example) then you will need a new registration key to continue using the iPhone Backup Extractor. If you have access to your original registration details you can automatically generate a new registration key by completing the form below.

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How do I get my unique identifier?

To find your unique identitifer, you need to run the free version of the software (if you haven't alreay installed it you can get it from here) and click the 'Register' button.

Registration window screenshot

By clicking the 'Register' button the registration window is brought up. Here you'll see your unique identifier. Enter it in the form above.

Having problems?

Our help page has answers to common queries. Please check there first. If your query isn't answered there, please email us.

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