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new iPad 3

Will March be the month when the iPad 3 will drop? We think Apple will pick the press conference scheduled on March 6th or 7th to present the new iPad 3. It’s been rumoured that the European Apple fans will see the next generation of iPad starting March 23rd. If iPad 3 will be realeased on March 7th there is a big chance that this last rumour for the European markets is true.

Most rumoured iPad 3 Features

Until we see the real iPad 3, lets take a look on the most interesting features that we think we might see on the new to come iPad 3.

We already know the most rumoured features such as latest 4G and LTE technology, a better camera, Retina display and an upgraded quad-core A6 processor. But, will we see an A5X chip, also? Perhaps, an 8 inch iPad with an A5X chip and an iPad 3 with an A6 chip? What do you think?

Rumoured shipments have already begun and we are anxiously awaiting for the new iPad 3. So, almost one more week until we will meet the new iPad. Will you pick the new $70 to $80 pricier iPad 3 or just stick to your old one? Does the opportunity to buy an 8 inch iPad sound good to you?

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What improvements would you like to see added to the iPad 3? Is it Facebook integration, Siri or just a better camera and 4G LTE?