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Rumours about the latest Apple gadget, the iPad 3, just keep on coming... and we just got another one for you! The third-generation of iPad is expected to unveil on March 7th, as suggested by the “sources who have been reliable in the past”. Although, Apple has not given any official statement to support these.

iPad 3 Features

Rumoured to run on A6 quad-core processor, the iDevice is also expected to support the latest 4G and LTE technology. It may also have a better camera, not to mention the Retina display with 2048x1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch in a high-definition screen.

iPad 2

A new 8-inch iPad?

However, recent news also reported that Apple was in the works of producing an 8-inch iPad, with a screen resolution almost comparable to the present model. This is clearly not consistent with the speculation that the iPad 3 will have a Retina display, isn't it?

Once again, these are all just plain rumours, nothing has been confirmed by Apple. But who wouldn't be excited to see such? After all, Apple rarely fails to amaze its fans every time they launch a new gadget. Let us just hope that they do not fall short from what the fans expect.

Do you think Apple will surprise us with yet another feature, just like how they surprised us with Siri? Which feature do you like best?