Aidan Fitzpatrick
Posted by Aidan Fitzpatrick,

Here are a few simple steps to help you recover your photos from an iPhone or iPad backup:

1. Run the iPhone Backup Extractor and Click to Extract Photos

Run the iPhone Backup Extractor and click on the link that shows you the number of photos in your backup (in this case, just 4).

Clicking the small link showing the number of photos in the iPhone backup

2. Select a Destination Folder for your Recovered Photos

Choose a folder where you'd like the recovered photos to be stored. To keep things simple you may like to create a new folder on your desktop.

Select a destination folder for the recovered iPhone photos

3. Click "OK"

Click "OK" to start the recovery process. This should extract the photos from your backup into the folder you selected.

Click OK

4. Open the Destination Folder

Now open the folder you selected earlier. The photos should be in there. You will need to open folders inside that folder.

Opening the destination folder

5. Find Your Photos

You may have to dig around to find all your photos.

Clicking through different folders

6. Done!

You should now have found your photos!

Recovered iPhone photo of large rabbit

To get your photos back onto your iPhone you'll need to get them into iTunes, then sync your iPhone with iTunes. Here's a guide to getting photos from your PC to your iPhone.